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Fashion Films

Our fashion films are designed to capture the beauty of the fashion industry, working closely with designers, models, and stylists to bring collections to life by combining movement, cinematography and music to create captivating narratives.

Other Films

From personal branding videos to events coverages, corporate interview videos to documentaries, we offer a range of services to meet your unique needs, capturing every moment with precision and artistry.

Ibidunni Damilola is a visual storyteller creating an immersive experience in the Fashion industry alongside other industries by expressing the cores of imagery through unaltered narratives and intimate visuals.

He is founder of Ibidunni Damilola Studios, a media production company home to Nuptial Symphony, a visual experience capturing the core essence of a Wedding, Glam X, a short form audio-visual exclusive experience set up which centres around fashion and the theme of the event and Explore and Film, a cinematic experience crafting a seamless narrative surrounding Muses and Destinations. 

From billboards to runways, his works have been showcased globally, notably his influential appearance in Nokia’s 2020 Global campaign, “48 Hours of Change” and his directorial debut for Pepper Row’s Aw 22 Fashion Film, “Custodians Of  The Culture” at the London Fashion Week 2021.

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